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Snowball Team


Harry Pardoe | Founder

Harry quit his job in finance in 2017 to try and help people take action on climate change.  He is driven by the belief that people are the solution to the climate crisis. That if we come together and act as one, there is nothing we can't achieve.


Nicole Fu | Growth Marketing

Nicole is a marketing consultant helping start-ups and small organisations scale their marketing and outreach efforts. She was recently awarded a UK Global Talent Visa for Exceptional Talent in Digital Technologies.


Matt Studdert | Technical

Matt is an experienced software developer and is the founder-CEO of Frontend Mentor a platform that gives aspiring developers real-world coding experience.


Eloise Bristow | Social Media

Eloise is a social media manager who leads the social content and community engagement for Snowball’s Instagram account.


Dave Tidman | Digital Creative

Dave is a software developer who specialises in creative user experiences.  He's worked with some of the world’s biggest brands for 15 years creating rich and immersive digital experiences both on and offline.


Ally Kennedy | Communications

Ally is a communications and media specialist. He is a Director at a communications agency, where he advises clients in sectors that include energy, environment, waste and utilities.


Tom Heron | Fundraising

Tom specialises in charitable fundraising. He currently works as a Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager at Marie Curie, having previously held roles at The NSPCC and Whizz-Kidz.

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